Three more lakes will be added to the city's drinking water sources

Three more lakes will be added to the city's drinking water sources

WRD approval to rejuvenate Korattur, Ambattur and Reuteri lakes after Govt.

The project to rejuvenate three major lakes in the western suburbs and develop them into drinking water sources is gaining momentum after some time lag. The Department of Water Resources (WRD) has recently submitted new proposals to restore waterbodies in Korattur, Ambattur and Reuteri.

Waterbodies were taken in 2016 for eco-restoration. However, the works were executed in phases due to lack of funds. Residents noted that delays in completion of the work and the gap between the phases damaged the infrastructure.

WRD officials said a detailed project report for additional work in the three lakes, which cost Shr 31 crore, is being investigated. The project starts in a month or two, when the government gives its approval. Sewage pollution, garbage disposal and abuse of cattle and restoration of bathing bodies remain major challenges. “We are planning to construct boundary walls around the lakes to prevent unauthorized entry and encroachment. "The vegetation will also be cleaned," said an official.

Although eco-restoration projects in these lakes began three years ago, similar projects have been completed in Chetpet and Parupatipattu. Officials said these waterbodies are larger in size and have more time and funds. Additional mud flats will be removed and built with soil. This will increase storage capacity by 20%.

About 160 encroachments in Koratur Lake alone need to be cleaned. The department along with the district administration is preparing an action plan for the rehabilitation of the residents along the lines of the Koum and Adyar rivers. “We want to relocate the evacuated residents from the water bodies and give them equal daily allowances with others. It is also taking time. Officially stated that about 300 encroached structures should also be removed from the Reateri and Ambattur lakes.

While 11 million liters of water a day is already being drawn from the retiree, plans are afoot to set up a sewage treatment plant at Koratur Lake. It will soon be Chennai's next beverage source. The official said that this project will be completed in six months and the work like children's play area will be done next.

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