HC decides to wait for SC orders to extend Ponan Mankwell's term

HC decides to wait for SC orders to extend Ponan Mankwell's term

Govt Special Officer, Govt. The apex court's orders regarding handing over the records should be awaited '
The Madras High Court on Monday pulled up its hands on the issue of extending the tenure of Idol Wing CID Special Officer AG Pon Manikvel from November 30 - when his one-year term expired - and awaiting Supreme Court orders Decided to make a case.

Justice R. Mahadevan and P.D. Audikasavalu said that the state government and the special officer should also wait for the orders of the apex court as all the cases relating to idol theft were to be handed over to the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Abhay Kumar Singh.

The ADGP took this decision after filing a memorandum in the High Court on Monday, stating that the Supreme Court had asked Additional Advocate General (AAG) Balaji Srinivasan to request the apex court to suspend its proceedings. On 2 December.

While Mr. Manikwell had approached the High Court, he sought an extension of his term on the grounds that he had not been allowed to work peacefully in the last one year, with the state government directly seeking to get him out of the statue. Moved to the Supreme Court. CID on completion of his term.

The HC Bench headed by Justice Mahadevan held that V.V. Advocating Selvaraj meant representing the Special Officer; Lawyer 'Elephant' Rajendran; And advocate GS Mani, activist K Traffic 'K.R. Represent. Ramaswamy wants to make a mention before the Supreme Court if he wants the issue to be heard before 2 December.

As far as proceedings before the High Court were concerned, the judges adjourned them till 6 December, ordering all parties to be free to expedite the hearing in the court if necessary. Meanwhile, Mr. Manickwell filed a report in the court, stating that he had completed the investigation of three cases in the last one year.

Accusing the government of creating many hurdles for him, the special officer said his team was still able to register three new cases, took 17 accused on remand, recovered 12 stolen idols, sentenced in four cases. Re-published a statue for Australia and determined the antiquity of 5,198 sculptures from November 30, 2018.

Srirangam case

The judges also heard contempt pleas of Vaishnav Rangarajan Narasimhan of Srirangam, alleging that the ADGP had disobeyed the orders passed by the court on February 22 to file a case in the alleged theft of ancient idols. And other antiquities from the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.

Arguing, the AAG said that the ADGP was unable to take a decision on the issue, as a Special Investigation Team, led by the Special Officer, had only submitted a preliminary inquiry report recommending filing of the FIR, without Attaching the statements of witnesses recorded by the investigating officer in the case.

The ADGP took a decision on the issue within 48 hours of presenting the statements of the witnesses. Wondering whether a highly-placed officer needed such documents and whether such practice was followed in each case in the state, the judges asked the ADGP to file an affidavit by December 6, listing their requirements Gave instructions.

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