A fire balloon creates 41 people alive during flight

A fire balloon creates 41 people alive during flight


Pilot made a plane to fire a crude lane in which 41 people were burnt alive A passenger plane in Russia flows during a flight Due to the burning of about 41 people in this accident, death has occurred, including two little children A sketch video of this entire accident has also surfaced, A high lip is also visible

Hijacked plane in this accident National carrier aerophot was Sukhoi Superjet
About 78 people in this plane The plane was boarded by a flight from Murmansk Airport on Sunday, shortly after flying After this, a fire broke out on the back of the plane
After the fire, to the plane

By the time the fire was made to get the Emergency landing, The plane exploded during the crash landing. According to the Russian investigating committee quoted from the airspace official, many people have come out The delay in coming to see why he was taking up his luggage According to the newspapers, about 37 people have been rescued in the accident.On the Socal Media, people have uploaded many videos of the accident.

Many watching a few videos People are running away from the aircraft, as well as fire burgenet teams immediately Is reaching near In this incident, the pilot quashed the investigation of the case of cess ladings twice It can be said that the fire started due to electronic disturbances A passenger sitting in the plane told that he was sitting very close to the engine that I saw How things started to dampen with heat and until the exit came to the exit, the smoke had failed Russian President expressed condolences to the afflicted family.

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